The Singing Group at Fairmilehead

For People with Dementia and their Carers

Come and join us!


2pm to 4pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month


Fairmilehead Parish Church Hall, 1a Frogston Road West, Edinburgh, EH10 7AA

Who is this group for?

This group is for people with Dementia who enjoy singing and who are still able to live at home in the community. The group also provides support for their carer(s).

Who are we?

We are a group of individuals who were so inspired by the Inverleith Singing Group (who in turn were inspired by the ‘Singing for the Brain’ programmes run by the Alzheimer Society in England) that we decided, in July 2012, to set up a programme ourselves. We are an independent group that provides opportunitites for people with Dementia and their carer(s) to come together to socialise and to sing, with the emphasis on enjoyment and fun. We are not a choir, and do not aim for performances.

What happens?

We meet for coffee and a chat first, giving people a chance to socialise and also to find help, advice or support from volunteers or other members of the group. After that, we sing together enjoyably and in a relaxed atmosphere for around 45 minutes. There is a singing leader and an accompanist. The repertoire is varied and is built upon requests from members. Songs include favourites from yesteryear, songs from musicals and films, and some rounds. Often there is a simple music quiz, and each session includes a selection of Scottish songs as these are very popular. We sit in a circle to allow everyone to feel equal and not identified by their illness. This helps to promote feelings of belonging.

For more details please contact:

Judith Frew 0131 339 7664

Moira Pate 0131 667 8336

Alison Simpson 0131 336 4475

Anne Sommerville 0131 447 5132